Who Are We

Capoeira is a fun and exciting Brazilian cultural art that combines martial arts, dance, acrobatics, ethnic music and game play.  It was created by slaves in the 16th Century and is traditionally practiced on the streets in Brazil.  Its visually captivating and spectacular movements have made it the fastest growing forms of exercise and physical performance arts in the world.
 In a capoeira game, participants form a roda (circle) and take turns playing instruments, singing and playing in pairs in the center of the circle.  The game involves kicks, dodges, sweeps, cartwheels, and acrobatic moves.  The primary musical instrument played in a Capoeira roda is the berimbau, a bow-like instrument with a hollow gourd attached.
Capoeira Senzala Penang, Malaysia is affiliated to Mestre Elias’ Senzala group in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The Senzala Group is probably the most famous Capoeira group in the world with its numerous academies in twelve countries across the globe.
Our goal is to promote and spread the art in Penang and Malaysia among the youth and young-at-heart as a fun-filled method of fitness. We are the only Capoeira Grupo Senzala in Penang and Malaysia.
We held our 1st Batizado(a baptism into the art), also the first ever Capoeira Batizado in Penang, Malaysia in year 2009, and we will be having our 2nd Batizado in Bacolod Philippines in early year of 2013.
Now we established our training at Elite Dynamix Studio at No.3-2-12, Lorong Delima 20, Desa Mutiara, Off Jln Yap Chor Ee , 11700 Penang, Malaysia.