Contra-Mestre Parabolica

Contra-Mestre Parabolica (Julio Cesar da Silva) hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been training under the "ASSOCIAÇÃO GRUPO SENZALA DE CAPOEIRA DE TERESÓPOLIS" (the Senzala Capoeira Group of Teresopolis) ever since he was young under the direction of Mestre Elias.

A full time professional capoeira instructor with the ranking of "Contra-Mestre" (corda marrom), Contra-Mestre Parabolica came to Penang, Malaysia in 2008. With his arrival in Penang, the Grupo Senzala branch was established here and in 2009, the Grupo Senzala de Penang held their first batizado (grading event).

He has taught in Malaysia for 3 years before moving to Bacolod City, the Philippines, where he is currently based at and has recently set a branch.

Contra-Mestre Parabolica returns to Malaysia regularly to conduct workshops and guide classes.

Some of the photos of Contra-Mestre Parabolica and famous Mestre, Contra-Mestre and instructors of Capoeira Grupo Senzala.

Professor Parabolica, Mestre Elias, Mestre Torneiro, Mestre Sorriso in Street Roda

Professor Parabolica in Grupo Senzala photo

Professor Parabolica and the famous Nike Capoeira lady, Contra Mestre Cristina

Grupo Senzala Professors, Contra Mestre

Professor Parabolica and Mestre Sorriso

Professor jamming the pandeiro happily with fella Senzala Capoeiristas 

Professor Parabolica and the one and only Mestre Itamar

Professor Parabolica, Mestre Elias, Mestre Torneiro