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Friday, November 7, 2014

Senzala 1° Batizado & Entrega de Cordas 14-16 Nov 2014 (Bacolod/Penang)

Friends, the event that you have been anticipating is happening in exactly a week's time! A hora e essa!

Capoeira Grupo Senzala under the direction of Contra-Mestre Parabolica is organising our batizado and entrega de cords event this November 14-16, 2014 in Bacolod, Philippines. 

This will be the 2nd even for Senzala Penang, and the very 1st batizado for Senzala Philippines.

Seven students from Malaysia will be attending this event in Bacolod, including Cavalo, Destraido, Grilo, Kamikaze, Mariposa and Xiu Yu. It is also an exciting time as many of us students from Penang and Bacolod will be meeting for the first time for some capoeira fun and exchanges.

We are also blessed to have this opportunity to meet a co-founder of Grupo Senzala, Mestre Itamar, and of course his student (and our Mestre), Mestre Elias. We hope to gain as much as we can from the event next week and hope that we can continue to build our knowledge in capoeira and contribute in return.

We are also excited to meet the guest teachers at the event as well: Contra-Mestre Braulio, Professor Pitbull and Professor Soldado.

Vamos vadiar e boa sorte, camaradas!

For more details, check out:
Facebook Events Page

Organisation: Contra-Mestre Parabolica
Direction: Mestre Elias

Confirmed Guests:
- Mestre Itamar (Grupo Senzala - Brazil)
- Contra-Mestre Braulio (Cordao de Ouro - Malaysia)
- Professor Pitbull (Grupo Senzala - Singapore)
- Professor Soldado (Capoeira Camara - Malaysia)


Monday, June 23, 2014


To All Capoeiristas!

Contra-Mestre Parabolica is back! 

Capoeira Grupo Senzala Penang invites you to join our regular workshop with our teacher, Contra-Mestre Parabolica, who is currently based in Bacolod, Philippines. 

Contra Mestre Parabolica Workshop 2014

The workshop dates are:
July 3 (Thurs) 8pm - 10pm
July 5 (Sat) 9am - 12pm
July 6 (Sun) 9am - 12pm

Fees: RM80

The event is open to all capoeiristas irrespective of group or level in capoeira! Just come and enjoy!

For more details, do contact us at More information will be posted here or on our Facebook group: