Monday, August 5, 2013


YES, finally Professor Parabolica is now Contra-Mestre Parabolica!

Congratulation to Contra-Mestre Parabolica for getting his new Brown(Marrom) Corda, the second highest next to a Mestre ranking.

Now in the Southeast Asia region we have a Senzala Contra-Mestre Parabolica here, our Capoeira Penang and Capoeira Bacolod teacher!

The following are some of the photos of Contra-Mestre Parabolica from the Senzala 50 years event in Brazil:

Contra-Mestre Parabolica and Contra-Mestre Mark York of Senzala

Contra-Mestre Teixeira and Contra-Mestre Parabolica of Senzala 

Mestre Elias and his students

Mestre Elias and his students 2