Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Obrigado Instrutor Abelha! - Training in January 2013

Hi everyone!

It was great to start the new year with a visit from another member of the Senzala family - Instrutor Abelha. We would like to thank him and his family for taking time off to Penang just to meet us!

Instrutor Abelha and family in Penang

It was great to see each other again since we last met in 2009's Batizado, and this definitely won't be the last time!

It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet another teacher of Mestre Elias who is just as inspiring and encouraging! We will always remember your advice to foster our passion in capoeira and to train in the ways that we can. Capoeira after all is not only about movements or acrobatics. Even meeting to discuss about capoeira or reading about it is part of training, right?

Destraido & his wife, Joselyn, chatting with Instrutor Abelha

Also, the introduction to aspects of capoeira such as music, several sequences and movements during the special Saturday training was extremely helpful and supplemented our learning under Professor Parabolica.

Destraido and Instrutor Abelha after a good training

We are very happy to have you here and we anticipate the next class and collaboration!

We would also like to thank all friends who came for the training with Instrutor Abelha and also for the dinners with him and his family! Thank you also to Liso and Rosinha's friends for joining in and taking Instrutor Abelha and family around our beautiful Georgetown. Kamsiah!

Makan time (and entertainment!) welcoming Instrutor Abelha & family to Penang with Cavalho, Liso, Rosinha & father

Good dinner and conversations at a homey place!: 
Liso, Rosinha, Destraido, Joselyn, Instrutor Abelha & family

Join us for more classes and find out about our future trainings and keep the positive energy flowing in the grupo, camaradas! Viva la Senzala!

Enjoy the photos and have a good year ahead! Axe!

Trying out popular local drinks and food while in Penang!

 Liso and Instrutor's daughter, Elisa, while visiting Georgetown clanhouses or 'kongsi'

 Instrutor Abelha's wife, Vanessa, and Elisa, all smiles

Stopping by and discovering Penang childhood games and more in a small shophouse with Gowri, Rosinha's friend

 Walking about Georgetown is always fun especially with good company!

And of course capoeira is always on the mind - Elisa starting out early

David, Rosinha's friend, also joins in

Confuso and Instrutor Abelha after the Saturday training

Kamikaze and Instrutor Abelha giving the thumbs-up

Instrutor with a new student!

Muito obrigado guys! See you next training!