Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Instructor Abelha from Senzala is Coming to Town!

Good news guys,

Instructor Abelha

Instructor Abelha from Grupo Senzala in France is coming to Penang this Thusday(3rd January 2013). Instructor Abelha is a student of Professor Mark York(Son of Mestre Elias), he has a Blue corda(Instructor Ranking) in Grupo Senzala.

Instructor Abelha with his friend

Instructor Abelha joined us in our first Batizado back in 2009 together with his brother Instructor Arara and Mestre Elias. 

With over 14 years of experience in Capoeira, this is a training session that you guys don't want to miss it.

We will have training together with Instructor on Saturday(5th January 2013) at 9.30am. Please NOTE that the Sunday training this week is CANCELLED because we have moved the training session to Saturday instead.

We welcome all the members and new people to train with us!

Here are some of the photos of Instructor in action:

See you all this Saturday!