Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 to Capoeira Penang!

Happy New Year 2013 to Capoeira Senzala Penang and to all the members in Penang!

Happy New Year 2013 by Capoeira Senzala Penang
The year 2012 was such an amazing year, earlier this year our Grupo Senzala teacher Professor Parabolica came to Penang and give us a fabulous workshop together with Instructor Soldado from Grupo Camara.

Then a surprise visit from Professor Pitbull and Kasia from Singapore, given us an awesome workshop and training somewhere around May and June 2012.

Through these workshops we made a lot of friends with fellow Capoeiristas from Grupo Camara(KL), Grupo Xango(Singapore) and also get to know the lovely Murayama couple from Japan together with their cute kids.

Not to forget, we get to train in a proper studio(Elite Dynamix Studio) near the Greenlane. We no longer have to train in the rough floor in Youth Park.

Would like to thank our instructor Professor Parabolica for all his effort for teaching Grupo Senzala in Penang, and all his selfless works to keep this Grupo alive in Penang.

Thanks to Professor Pitbull and Kasia for coming to Penang and give us such a wonderful workshop and training to us. The experience to train with you guys is priceless.

Thanks to fellow Capoeiristas Soldado(Grupo Camara KL), Pato, Fadinha for being such a wonderful friends to us, inviting us to some of the demo and show in Ipoh and KL. Also thanks to Capoeiristas from Singapore for visiting us and supporting our workshop.

Finally, thanks to our dedicated and committed members for staying with us for all these time. Special thanks to Destraido, Grilo, Confuzo, Sean and Sam for their dedication in training with us.

We've seen such a tremendous improvement in you guys, we will grow stronger and better together in this coming year.

Unity is everything to us, we will make Penang Capoeira proud together!