Monday, June 4, 2012

Rosinha's Farewell Lunch at Penang Old Town

Hey guys, this is probably a little late but for sure there is a valid reason for posting this up(Asides for posting the photo taken for the farewell lunch).

For your information, Rosinha will be doing some student transfer programme to the Philippines for probably few months time. So we decided to do a farewell lunch with her to have a little Capoeira chit-chatting with her. Some of us were travelling overseas or outstation and couldn't make it to this farewell but most of us could still make it to the farewell lunch. Hope Rosinha enjoy the farewell lunch at Penang New World Park Oldtown.

Kamikaze, Destraido, Destraido's Wife, Cavalo, Confuzo, Liso(KY from Grupo Xango) and of course the main character herself Rosinha had lunch there.

So they say a picture paints a thousand words, the following are the photo taken by me on that day.

Liso and Rosinha (Capoeira Penang)

Rosinha and Confuzo (Capoeira Penang)

Everybody was busy with their foods xD (Capoeira Penang)

Destraido's Wife, Rosinha and Confuzo (Capoeira Penang)

Destraido, Rosinha and Destraido's Wife Posing (Capoeira Penang)

Rosinha and Confuzo Posing in New World Park Penang (Capoeira Penang)

Rosinha and Confuzo looking at the menu (Capoeira Penang)

Kamikaze checking out the Tagalog language book by Rosinha (Capoeira Penang)

Liso from Grupo Xango (Capoeira Penang)

Group Photo (Capoeira Penang)

Another Group Photo together (Capoeira Penang)
All the best to Rosinha having her fun time in Philippines. She is really lucky to be in Philippines so she can get to train with Professor Parabolica in Bacolod, Philippines.