Monday, June 4, 2012

A Good Baqueta for Berimbau

I'm sure if you guys read my previous post How to play berimbau in Capoeira you guys would have know what is a Berimbau and what are the parts of the Berimbau called.

This is a post to share about my personal experience in playing the Berimbau. I have a fairly small baqueta that comes with my berimbau, which I find it very tiring to play with the Berimbau for long time because I need to swing the baqueta so hard to hit the arame to create a strong beats. So I thought that with a longer or thicker baqueta would help in playing the Berimbau so I would not have to swing my wrist that much using my own strength, instead I just have to utilise the weight of the long baqueta and hit the arame.

As it turned out, my experience with the long baqueta is pretty good. However, it is probably more tiring for swinging the baqueta for long time of playing with the berimbau. At least with the trade off, the sound quality with the long baqueta is much better.

Special thanks to Rosinha for contributing her baqueta to me. The following is the picture of both my baqueta :)