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Capoeira Workshop February 2012 by Professor Parabolica

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Capoeira Senzala Malaysia Sunday Training

It is been a while since we all do Capoeira Angola moves and training, so today introduce some of the Capoeira Angola moves training to you guys. :)

On the other hands, some of you might already know that Professor Parabolica will be coming back to Malaysia this September 2012 to join Instructor Soldado's Grupo Camara Batizado 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. The event falls on the last weekend of September which are the 29th and 30th(Saturday and Sunday) 2012.

Kindly let me know if any of you are interested in joining this great Capoeira event in Malaysia with Professor Parabolica and Instructor Soldado so we could plan the details to go for this event.

The following are the photos taken this morning:

Warming Up

Warming Up

Yet another warming up

The Pandeiro and the training 1

The Pandeiro and the training 2

Ginga and Meia Lua de Compasso training


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Professor Pitbull's Training Class May 2012 Part 2

Hi guys this is the some of the photos taken on the Sunday(20th May 2012) morning training session with Professor Pitbull and Kasia. Some of the photos here are not posted in the Capoeira Penang Facebook, so here there are :)

Once again Capoeira Penang would like to thank Professor Pitbull and Kasia for coming to Penang and gave us such a great training session. We will certainly welcome you guys anytime to come back and join us again.

These picture are taken exclusively by Eric Choong Seong Keat who is a professional photographer in Kuala Lumpur. If you like these photo and would like to have your event taken by him feel free to contact him through his Facebook, or call him at 016-220 4209.

Enjoy the photos.

To see more of these photos please click read more to see them all. There are total of 96 photos.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Playing the Caxixi


Ever wonder what other music sound you could make with the component percussion instrument from a Berimbau?

Here's one Brazilian percussionist explaning and playing with the Caxixi, be amazed with the magical percussion sound you could make with the Caxixi.

Playing with the Caxixi


A Good Baqueta for Berimbau

I'm sure if you guys read my previous post How to play berimbau in Capoeira you guys would have know what is a Berimbau and what are the parts of the Berimbau called.

This is a post to share about my personal experience in playing the Berimbau. I have a fairly small baqueta that comes with my berimbau, which I find it very tiring to play with the Berimbau for long time because I need to swing the baqueta so hard to hit the arame to create a strong beats. So I thought that with a longer or thicker baqueta would help in playing the Berimbau so I would not have to swing my wrist that much using my own strength, instead I just have to utilise the weight of the long baqueta and hit the arame.

As it turned out, my experience with the long baqueta is pretty good. However, it is probably more tiring for swinging the baqueta for long time of playing with the berimbau. At least with the trade off, the sound quality with the long baqueta is much better.

Special thanks to Rosinha for contributing her baqueta to me. The following is the picture of both my baqueta :)



Rosinha's Farewell Lunch at Penang Old Town

Hey guys, this is probably a little late but for sure there is a valid reason for posting this up(Asides for posting the photo taken for the farewell lunch).

For your information, Rosinha will be doing some student transfer programme to the Philippines for probably few months time. So we decided to do a farewell lunch with her to have a little Capoeira chit-chatting with her. Some of us were travelling overseas or outstation and couldn't make it to this farewell but most of us could still make it to the farewell lunch. Hope Rosinha enjoy the farewell lunch at Penang New World Park Oldtown.

Kamikaze, Destraido, Destraido's Wife, Cavalo, Confuzo, Liso(KY from Grupo Xango) and of course the main character herself Rosinha had lunch there.

So they say a picture paints a thousand words, the following are the photo taken by me on that day.

Liso and Rosinha (Capoeira Penang)

Rosinha and Confuzo (Capoeira Penang)

Everybody was busy with their foods xD (Capoeira Penang)

Destraido's Wife, Rosinha and Confuzo (Capoeira Penang)

Destraido, Rosinha and Destraido's Wife Posing (Capoeira Penang)

Rosinha and Confuzo Posing in New World Park Penang (Capoeira Penang)

Rosinha and Confuzo looking at the menu (Capoeira Penang)

Kamikaze checking out the Tagalog language book by Rosinha (Capoeira Penang)

Liso from Grupo Xango (Capoeira Penang)

Group Photo (Capoeira Penang)

Another Group Photo together (Capoeira Penang)
All the best to Rosinha having her fun time in Philippines. She is really lucky to be in Philippines so she can get to train with Professor Parabolica in Bacolod, Philippines.