Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Weekend: Prof Pitbull's Classes!

Hi all,

Thanks for coming for the Sunday training! It was a good training led by Cavalo (Cj) with everyone and we hope you enjoyed yourselves as well as got to play in the roda. Thank you also to the new students as well as our capoeira friends, Liso (KY), Mika and family for joining us! You are always welcomed at our home. 

As mentioned in class and on facebook, Prof Pitbull and Kasia will be returning to Penang this weekend from Grupo Senzala Singapore to teach and share with us more capoeira knowledge - movimentos, music and more! So guys, get ready for a weekend of capoeira and fun!

Details of the classes this weekend are as follows:

Saturday (19th May):: 5pm-7pm
Sunday (20th May):: 9.30am-11.30am
Venue: Stage Area. If it rains, let's meet at the Old Archery Site.

We'll most probably have dinner/lunch together after trainings, so remember to make your Saturday evening/Sunday morning free! (:

Also, don't forget to practise the neck exercises, handstands, and ponte (bridge) that we have done in classes to prepare for this weekend! 

See you soon, camaras! Have a great week!