Monday, May 21, 2012

Professor Pitbull's Training Class May 2012

Hi everyone,

Thank you for coming for last weekend's classes with Professor Pitbull!

It was great to have everyone participate and contribute all the positive energy (axe)! I am sure everyone had fun and learnt a lot from the two classes about maculele, songs, different types of roda, berimbau toques and more! Nice to see everyone playing in the roda a lot.

Thank you especially to Professor Pitbull and Kasia for coming to teach and guide us again. It means a lot to the grupo here that you have both made time to come down from Singapore to share with us what you know about capoeira. We can't wait to have you both back here with us again ! (:

Below are some photos taken during the Saturday class. We will post more photos soon once we have compiled from everyone!

Have a great week and see you this weekend! Let's continue to train and expand our knowledge and passion in capoeira together!

Axe sempre sempre!

Warming up to maculele. Some members of the public danced along too!

Professor Pitbull talking about the grupo, roda and music

Some of the guys

Listening intently to Professor Pitbull

Kasia flashing her gorgeous smile, ready to start the roda

The roda fun begins!

Teaching a kid the beats of the atabaque

Palhaco taking a breather

Another roda

And more roda fun

Mariposa giving a fast meia lua de compasso as Acrobata dodges