Monday, May 21, 2012

Para o Mestre Peixinho


It has been a year since Mestre Peixinho (Marcelo Azevedo Guimarães) has passed on from cancer. But his teachings, passion and contributions to Grupo Senzala and the capoeira world have clearly not been forgotten.

Mestre Peixinho was a teacher of Professor Pitbull and one of the founding members of Grupo Senzala in the 1960s. He headed the Centro Cultural Senzala de Capoeira that has now spread to many parts of the world.


Mestre Tony Vargas describes him as a man who "took with him an exemplary and sophisticated simplicity, his art of speaking in a few words, his ever present quiet and positive energy, his teachings, friendship, and all the great qualities that he held as a human being, a mestre, and a capoeirista".

Ie Mestre Peixinho! 

In one of the rodas last Saturday, Professor Pitbull sang a song in dedication to Mestre Peixinho. This is a ladainha (litany) first written and sung by Mestre Tony Vargas, describing the kind of game Mestre Peixinho plays. 

Here's a video of Mestre Tony Vargas singing the ladainha (see the lyrics below, too!).

Letras (Lyrics):

Meu mestre é pequenininho
Quando quer fica menor
Pode ser seixo miúdo
Ou ter o brilho do sol
Que te cega
Tu procura, procura não acha
Se tu vem por baixo ele voa
Se tu vem voando ele abaixa
Meu mestre é pequenininho
Cuidado tu pode nem vê
Que quando ele abre a ginga
Derrama na roda mandinga
E fica maior que você camará
Ie o mestre é bom

Ie Mestre Peixinho

My master is tiny
When he gets smaller
He can be a pebble
Or take the sunshine
What you blind
You demand, demand does not think
If you come underneath he flies
If you come flying he lowers
My master is tiny
Be careful, you can not see
That when he opens the ginga
In the roda, mandinga
He gets bigger, camara
Ie the master is good

Ie Mestre Peixinho