Saturday, May 26, 2012

Don't stop the Axe!

Hey camaras,

We're really happy to see everyone train hard and thirsting to learn all things capoeira everyday - from the movements to the acrobatics, kicks, history, dances, and of course, the music and singing. As we say, 'training' happens through the various ways you put your soul into this beautiful art, even if it means watching a capoeira roda in a youtube video! Train smart and love what you do!

I'd like to share here 2 videos for this week to motivate you in your game! Comment here what you think of the two videos!

This one is from a grupo in Germany, and I first saw it when I first started capoeira. The music is energetic and it's a fun introduction to the various movements of capoeira. The first part of the video is an angola-style of capoeira, which is thought to be the more traditional form of capoeira, while the video progresses to regional-style of games and fast acrobatic kicks. Enjoy!

And here's a video of our mestre, Mestre Elias (Grupo Senzala), as he sings, "O vaqueiro de verdade" (The real cowboy):

The letras (lyrics):

O vaqueiro de verdade
O vaqueiro de verdade
Não teme a morte e a fome
Na foge de emboscada
E não treme diante de homem
O vaqueiro de verdade
Não larga o seu laço de mão
Ele não se abaranha em espinho
A mulher ele não nega carinho
Ao bom Deus ele não nega oração

Oi ponha lá vaqueiro
Ponha jaleco de couro
ponha lá vaqueiro
Oi na porteira do curral
ponha lá vaqueiro
Oi ponha jaleco de couro
Na porteira do curral
ponha lá vaqueiro

The Real Cowboy
Does not fear death and hunger
He escapes ambush
And do not tremble before man
The Real Cowboy
Does not tie his large hand
He was not abaranha in thorn
The woman he does not deny love
The good Lord he does not deny prayer

Put there cowboy
Put the leather jacket
At the gate of the corral 
Put there cowboy

Hope you like the videos and songs. (:

Keep the energy going and don't stop the ginga, Senzaleiros! See you next training!