Thursday, April 5, 2012

Order Capoeira Items from Professor Parabolica

To all Penang Capoeiristas, as you all know Professor Parabolica will be going to France to attend several big Capoeira events and Capoeira festival in this month. So Professor Parabolica would like to help out in making order for Capoeira Senzala T-shirt, Capoeira Abada, and Berimbau.

The Capoeira Senzala Logo T-shirt looks like the picture in the following one, which Professor Parabolica is wearing.
Capoeira Senzala Logo T-Shirt

and the Capoeira Senzala Logo Abada(The White long pants with Senzala Logo) would looks like this one:
Capoeira Senzala Logo Abada
and this would be the berimbau, the lead musical instrument we played in Capoeira:

PLEASE NOTE THAT Professor and I are still unsure of the exact price of these items, but for those of you who are interested in getting any of these items please come and approach me and I will let you know the rough figure for these items. Let me know if you want any of these item and I will let Professor knows to help ordering for you guys.

I strongly recommend you guys to get all these three items(if you do not have it) as they're the basic uniform and most important musical instrument in Capoeira.

Viva Capoeira Malaysia!