Monday, March 5, 2012

Update on the Training Location in Penang Youth Park

Ola to fellow Capoeiristas, as you guys know we train at Penang Youth Park(Taman Perbandaran) every Sunday morning 9.30am at the Archery Area which is just beside the canteen.

From today(4 March 2012) onwards we will be training at the Open Air Theater area as shown in the Youth Park mini map below. Please take note that even though we will be training on the Open Air Theater area, but if there is some event going on at the Open Air Theater area we might still alternate the training spot to the Achery area. If you are unsure of the training location you could simply call us to confirm.

Training spot in Penang Youth Park. Contact CJ @ 016-4522118

The map below show you how to get to Penang Youth Park(Taman Perbandaran). The map is extracted from ExplorePenang.

Map to Penang Youth Park(Taman Perbandaran) by ExplorePenang