Monday, March 5, 2012

Professor Parabolica in France Capoeira Roda 2010 Part 2

Bom Dia, I bellieve most of you have seen and read the previous post Professor Parabolica in France Capoeira Roda 2010 and watch the short clip I posted featuring Professor Parabolica in France 2010.

I have found one more footage of Professor Parabolica playing the pandeiro together with other Senzala Mestres leading a Capoeira Regional Roda. The presence Capoeiristas are Mestre Elias, Mestre Sorriso, Mestre Torneiro and other capoeiristas from Senzala.

Watch and learn from the videos.

The video was recorded in Saint Germain En Laye where Grupo Senzala was helding the batizado event there.

Capoeira Senzala - Saint Germain En Laye Professor Parabolica 2010