Monday, March 5, 2012

(Ebook)The Little Capoeira Book by Nestor Capoeira

Ola guys, most of the beginner doesn't know what is Capoeira. Most of them think of Capoeira as an acrobatic sports. Some of them think that Capoeira is flipping, hip hop dance, or even breakdance. Most speculate or predefined what is Capoeira, but these are not Capoeira. You can only understand Capoeira through experience and learn from Mestre to develop your understandings.

So I am sharing this good Capoeira Ebook: The Little Capoeira Book by the famous Nestor Capoeira to help you guys understand better about Capoeira. Nestor Capoeira gained his title as a Mestre from Grupo Senzala, in this book he also explained a lot about the history of Grupo Senzala.

Be warned! This book is only for your reference, some of the teachings and even names of the movement might not be the same as our Grupo Senzala. Do not prejudge or make your conclusion on what is Capoeira just by reading this book. You should always consult your Mestre and Professor to understand the way of Capoeira Senzala.

The Little Capoeira Book - Nestor Capoeira

Also, if you like this Ebook I always encourage you guys to buy the hardcopy of the book to support the author and as an appreciation of the good work done by Nestor Capoeira in writting this awesome Capoeira book.

You can get it from Amazon: The Little Capoeira Book or in any local bookstore nearby. :)