Thursday, March 15, 2012

Capoeira Senzala France Workshop

A nice Capoeira Senzala Workshop clip to share here, a workshop conducted by Contra Mestre Banana in France. It is expected that Contra Mestre Banana would be made a Mestre of Senzala this year, this made him the third Mestre under Mestre Elias.

Capoeira Senzala Workshop by Contra Mestre Banana

Contra Mestre Renato with Contra Mestre Banana

Mestre Elias with Contra Mestre Banana
Contra Mestre Banana, whose real name is Marcio Da Silva was born on 13 May 1978 is a Capoeirista who holds the title of Contra Mestre from ASSOCIAÇÃO GRUPO SENZALA DE CAPOEIRA DE TERESÓPOLIS (The Senzala Capoeira Group of Teresopolis) under the teaching of Mestre Elias. One of the top Capoeiristas under guidance of Mestre Elias and is a professional full time Capoeira instructor. Currently resides in France to spread and teach Capoeira across the Europe continent. 

Enjoy the video!