Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Capoeira Grupo Senzala Batizado 2012

Ola fellow Capoeiristas, this is a brief announcement for our grupo's Batizado in this year 2012 in Bacolod, Philippines.

Since most of the current members here are still new to Capoeira, some of us are not sure about what is a Batizado. A Batizado is a baptism into the art of Capoeira. It is a testing and assessment of the students’ understandings in Capoeira, skills and abilities in the roda, culminating in the award of a coloured corda (cord). P/s: If you do not know the Corda system for Grupo Senzala, please refer the the previous post Capoeira Grupo Senzala Corda System.

I am sure for those old member who had been to our Capoeira Senzala Penang's first Batizado(November 2009) will remember the fun and great experiences from the event. Having our Mestre Elias from Brazil to conduct and host the very first Batizado event in Penang, Malaysia. Senzala Instructor Arara and Instructor Abelha from France and also fellow Instructors from other Grupo in Asia like Monitor Soldado to join us, the experience for the event was simply astonishing.

Below is the poster for our first Batizado event in Penang, Malaysia.

2009 the 1st Batizado in Penang, Malaysia

Back to the topic, in this year Professor Parabolica will be helding a Batizado event in Bacolod, Philippines. For the time being we only know that the event will be held on November 2012 but not the exact date yet. We are likely to know the exact date from Professor after he is return from France in April. So guys stay tuned and train hard, Grupo Senzala's Batizado is waiting for us.

I will follow up and update as soon as I know the details of the Batizado, connect to us through Facebook, Twitter and this blog to get the latest updates.