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Starting from September 2012 we are training at a New studio!

Capoeira in Penang, MALAYSIA!

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Capoeira Workshop February 2012 by Professor Parabolica

The picture of Capoeira Workshop conducted by Professor Parabolica

Acrobatics in Capoeira

Some of the acrobatic moves in Capoeira

Kids Training Classes

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Family Gathering in Ancestor Day 2012

Hi guys, tomorrow training would be cancelled due to most members had to go back hometown for Ancestor Day(a.k.a Qing Ming/Tomb Sweeping Day/Pure Brightness Festival).It is a Chinese Festival where most Chinese families would gather and go to their ancestors graves to clean up, sweeping and do prayers too.

This year Qing Ming  falls on the 4th April 2012. Since this year Qing Ming falls on weekday so most of them would go on this weekend instead of the actual day.

Capoeira Penang wishes all of you have a great gathering time with your beloved families and have a good rest.


Professor Pitbull Training Class March 2012

Hi guys, pretty sure you guys had a lot of fun with Professor Pitbull conducting a great training class with us on last Sunday(18th March 2012).

Again have to thanks Professor Pitbull and Kasia for willing to come over to Penang, Malaysia from Singapore to conduct a training class with us without charging us. Professor Pitbull shares a lot of his passion and love in Capoeira, and personally I had gain a lot of experience and knowledge from him during the few hours training class.

Also glad that finally our Professor, Professor Parabolica gets to talk to Professor Pitbull through phone on the same day and had some Senzaleiro talks. Professor Parabolica is so happy that another fellow Senzaleiro is joining us in Southeast Asia expanding the Senzala grupos here. I am sure a lot more cross-training, workshop, events will be happening soon in Southeast Asia.

Here are some of the photos taken by Kasia to share with us:

Capoeira Penang Training in Progress

Capoeira Penang Training in Progress

Capoeira Penang Training in Progress

Capoeira Penang Training in Progress

Professor Pitbull

Professor Pitbull explaining

Capoeira Penang with Professor Pitbull and Kasia March 2012

Capoeira Penang Training in Progress

Professor Pitbull and Kamikaze

Ryan, Professor Pitbull, Gabriel and Palito

Professor Pitbull and happy Grilo

Hafiz and Professor Pitbull

Parvesh and Professor Pitbull

Professor Pitbull teaching Cavalo Pandeiro

Capoeira Penang having lunch with Professor Pitbull and Kasia

Click Read More to see more photos in Professor Pitbull Training Class March 2012.


Capoeira Songs: Adeus povo bom adeus

Hi guys, remember this Capoeira song "Adeus povo bom adeus" Professor Pitbull sang to us? Just just this from Kasia and share to all of you, its not too hard to learn when you have lyrics and songs to refer to. Learn this song and we will all sing in coming Roda.

Enjoy the song and Axe!

Adeus povo bom adeus

Adeus povo bom adeus,
Adeus eu ja vou membora
Pelas ondas do mar, eu vim
Pelas ondas do vou membora

Translated Lyrics:

Bye bye good people,
Goodbye I'm leaving already
By the waves, I came
By the waves ... I'm leaving


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Capoeira Senzala Mestre Elias Roda in Brazil 2011


Video of our Mestre Elias leading a Capoeira roda in Brazil in 2011. One of Mestre Elias grupo training in Brazil, most of the students in the videos are mostly teenagers and kids. Good singing, good clapping and good Axe!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Professor Pitbull Grupo Senzala

Updated: Added new photos of Professor Pitbull provided by Kasia Poleszak.

Professor Pitbull Senzala
Professor Pitbull Senzala 

Professor Pitbull Senzala 

Hi guys, this is the continue post of Professor Pitbull is Coming This Sunday! I have found some of the photos and video clip of Professor Pitbull to share here.

Professor Pitbull Senzala

Professor Pitbull Senzala
Professor Pitbull Senzala
Professor Pitbull Senzala

Professor Pitbull in New York Roda

Professor Pitbull in New York Roda 


Professor Pitbull is Coming This Sunday!

Grupo Senzala De Capoeira

Hi guys, it is confirmed that Professor Pitbull from Grupo Senzala will be coming to Penang Malaysia to give a a training class this weekend(Sunday). Best of all, Professor Pitbull will be giving the training class for free.

He will arrives in Penang on Saturday morning and leave on Sunday afternoon(Before 5pm). I will try to discuss if it is possible to train on Saturday afternoon/evening if Professor Pitbull has time for us too.

So please seize this opportunity to attend this awesome training class conduct by Professor Pitbull. If you want to learn about Grupo Senzala and our style of Capoeira, this is the chance for that. It is such a blessed to have an experienced Capoeirista and a Senzaleiro to visit us and willing to give us a training.

The confirmed training date is Sunday(25 March 2012), morning 9.30am- 12pm.

Please contact me personally if you are unsure of the details of the training. Axe!



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Capoeira Senzala France Workshop

A nice Capoeira Senzala Workshop clip to share here, a workshop conducted by Contra Mestre Banana in France. It is expected that Contra Mestre Banana would be made a Mestre of Senzala this year, this made him the third Mestre under Mestre Elias.

Capoeira Senzala Workshop by Contra Mestre Banana

Contra Mestre Renato with Contra Mestre Banana

Mestre Elias with Contra Mestre Banana
Contra Mestre Banana, whose real name is Marcio Da Silva was born on 13 May 1978 is a Capoeirista who holds the title of Contra Mestre from ASSOCIAÇÃO GRUPO SENZALA DE CAPOEIRA DE TERESÓPOLIS (The Senzala Capoeira Group of Teresopolis) under the teaching of Mestre Elias. One of the top Capoeiristas under guidance of Mestre Elias and is a professional full time Capoeira instructor. Currently resides in France to spread and teach Capoeira across the Europe continent. 

Enjoy the video!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Capoeira Senzala Penang, Malaysia 2007

Capoeira Senzala Penang, Malaysia in year 2007
Found this photo which is traced back to the year of 2007, when Capoeira Grupo Senzala first landed in Penang, Malaysia. This photo definitely brings back a lot of memories. The training place at the Archery Range in Youth Park remains exactly the same :)

Since I have the photo with me and I would like to share it on this blog to remember of the day Capoeira and Grupo Senzala first landed in Penang, Malaysia. Viva Senzala!

Continue the Axe.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Capoeira Penang Malaysia Training at New Place in Youth Park

Ola guys, it is our Sunday training again. Today's weather are sunny and it is definitely the best weather for us to do our training. We had two new guys Parvesh and Rashidi joined us for the first time in the training. It is always good to see new people coming in and get their very first experience in doing Capoeira.

Like mentioned in the title of this post, this is the second time we do our training at the Stage area in Youth Park(Taman Perbandaran) Penang, Malaysia. We will continue to conduct our training there so long as there is no other activities or event going on there.

I have taken a few photos of our training today and posted them here, training Meia Lua De Compasso.

Capoeira Senzala Penang, Malaysia Training

Capoeira Senzala Penang, Malaysia Training

Capoeira Senzala Penang, Malaysia Training
Our new training place(Captured by Destraido)

Gonna take more photos next Sunday :)

See you all next Sunday. Axe!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Capoeira Senzala Indonesia and Malaysia

Ola guys, got an exciting video clip to share with you all. Actually I just had a conversation with Monitor Soldado from Grupo Camara weeks ago, when I was in Perak doing Capoeira demo with them. It was about a video/film by Jamie "Apache" Archer from the UK about Capoeira in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Apache was here in Penang and Indonesia, I think probably other countries too to film some short film about Capoeira. Just a moment ago Apache posted the short film on Facebook, featuring a lot of capoeiristas from Brazil, Penang and Indonesia like the great Senzala Mestre Gato, Professor Parabolica, Monitor Soldado, Instructor Medusa, Apache himself and some of the Indonesian capoeiristas too.

Capoeira Indonesia and Malaysia

Some of the scenes were taken in Penang Esplanade, Batu Ferringhi beach and various places in Indonesia. Anyway, for those Penang capoeiristas who had been training long enough with me should know about this, and this video clip brings back memory.

Continue the Axe!


Happy International Women's Day 2012

Hey Girls/Ladies/Women, Happy International Women's Day 2012! Especially to those mothers and female capoeiristas. The International Women's Day falls on 8th March every year.

Meia Lua, Rosinha and Murayama
Found this picture to be most suitable to represent us in this special day!


Mestre Elias TV Interview on New Training School

Mestre Elias and Professor Tyson are on local Brazil TV interview on the launches of new training premises in Brazil. It is also know to be a celebration of thirty years of our grupo Escola de Capoeira Grupo Senzala de Teresopolis. I was earlier told by Professor Parabolica about this and seen the picture from this from the tag in Facebook.

Mestre Elias and Professor Tyson TV Interview

"Mestre Elias e seus alunos comemoram trinta anos da escola e lança nova sede. Reportagem: Cláudio Furtado; Imagens Ricardo Abreu e Edição: Marco Aurélio Filho."

I think there is a mistake in Professor Tyson's name as I remember he is called Professor Tyson instead of Tayson. Correct me if I am wrong about this. :)

Mestre Elias painting on the Senzala logo

Axe and Viva Senzala!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Capoeira Grupo Senzala Batizado 2012

Ola fellow Capoeiristas, this is a brief announcement for our grupo's Batizado in this year 2012 in Bacolod, Philippines.

Since most of the current members here are still new to Capoeira, some of us are not sure about what is a Batizado. A Batizado is a baptism into the art of Capoeira. It is a testing and assessment of the students’ understandings in Capoeira, skills and abilities in the roda, culminating in the award of a coloured corda (cord). P/s: If you do not know the Corda system for Grupo Senzala, please refer the the previous post Capoeira Grupo Senzala Corda System.

I am sure for those old member who had been to our Capoeira Senzala Penang's first Batizado(November 2009) will remember the fun and great experiences from the event. Having our Mestre Elias from Brazil to conduct and host the very first Batizado event in Penang, Malaysia. Senzala Instructor Arara and Instructor Abelha from France and also fellow Instructors from other Grupo in Asia like Monitor Soldado to join us, the experience for the event was simply astonishing.

Below is the poster for our first Batizado event in Penang, Malaysia.

2009 the 1st Batizado in Penang, Malaysia

Back to the topic, in this year Professor Parabolica will be helding a Batizado event in Bacolod, Philippines. For the time being we only know that the event will be held on November 2012 but not the exact date yet. We are likely to know the exact date from Professor after he is return from France in April. So guys stay tuned and train hard, Grupo Senzala's Batizado is waiting for us.

I will follow up and update as soon as I know the details of the Batizado, connect to us through Facebook, Twitter and this blog to get the latest updates.



National Geographic Fight Science Kick Test

This is another awesome Martial Arts series made by National Geographic, it is called the Fight Science. In this particular episode featured Kick Test by four different Martial Arts disciplines: Capoeira, Karate, MuayThai and Taekwando.

Lateef Crowder, the famous Capoeirista and Martial Arts actor represents Capoeira to do the kick test. Lateef Crowder did the "Martelo de Negativa" and produces the most effective kicking technique in this kick test.

Trailer of Fight Science Series

Fight Science Kick Test Video Clip

Enjoy the show. :)



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Capoeira Documentary Film by National Geographic

A Capoeira Documentary film - Deadly Arts Capoeira to share here. This 47 minutes length Capoeira Documentary film is made by National Geographic to discover the art of Capoeira in Brazil. The documentary host - Josette D. Normandeaus, is an experienced martial artist herself is featured in the show to explore the world of Capoeira in Brazil.

The documentary starts with Josette D. Normandeaus arrives in Brazil and guided by the famous Mestre Acordeon(a direct student of Mestre Bimba), Mestre Nenel(son of Mestre Bimba), and two greatest Capoeira Angola Mestres - Mestre Jogo de Dentro(Student of Mestre Joao Pequinho) and Mestre Joao Pequinho.

I have watched it more than once, it is perhaps one of the best Capoeira Documentary film that is ever made. Enjoy!

Deadly Arts - Capoeira(Part 1)

Deadly Arts - Capoeira(Part 2)

Deadly Arts - Capoeira(Part 3)

Watch the Part 4 - 9 by clicking Read More.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Professor Parabolica in France Capoeira Roda 2010 Part 2

Bom Dia, I bellieve most of you have seen and read the previous post Professor Parabolica in France Capoeira Roda 2010 and watch the short clip I posted featuring Professor Parabolica in France 2010.

I have found one more footage of Professor Parabolica playing the pandeiro together with other Senzala Mestres leading a Capoeira Regional Roda. The presence Capoeiristas are Mestre Elias, Mestre Sorriso, Mestre Torneiro and other capoeiristas from Senzala.

Watch and learn from the videos.

The video was recorded in Saint Germain En Laye where Grupo Senzala was helding the batizado event there.

Capoeira Senzala - Saint Germain En Laye Professor Parabolica 2010


(Ebook)The Little Capoeira Book by Nestor Capoeira

Ola guys, most of the beginner doesn't know what is Capoeira. Most of them think of Capoeira as an acrobatic sports. Some of them think that Capoeira is flipping, hip hop dance, or even breakdance. Most speculate or predefined what is Capoeira, but these are not Capoeira. You can only understand Capoeira through experience and learn from Mestre to develop your understandings.

So I am sharing this good Capoeira Ebook: The Little Capoeira Book by the famous Nestor Capoeira to help you guys understand better about Capoeira. Nestor Capoeira gained his title as a Mestre from Grupo Senzala, in this book he also explained a lot about the history of Grupo Senzala.

Be warned! This book is only for your reference, some of the teachings and even names of the movement might not be the same as our Grupo Senzala. Do not prejudge or make your conclusion on what is Capoeira just by reading this book. You should always consult your Mestre and Professor to understand the way of Capoeira Senzala.

The Little Capoeira Book - Nestor Capoeira

Also, if you like this Ebook I always encourage you guys to buy the hardcopy of the book to support the author and as an appreciation of the good work done by Nestor Capoeira in writting this awesome Capoeira book.

You can get it from Amazon: The Little Capoeira Book or in any local bookstore nearby. :)



Penang Senzala Workshop 4th & 5th February 2012 Part 2

Ola to fellow Camaras, Comrades and friends. Due to the high demand and request on the video of our last workshop, I have now uploaded the two of the video clip of our workshop roda on our Youtube Channel. Woud like to apologies for the delay in posting up the video clips because I do not have the video clips with me. I understand some of us might missed it on Facebook or did not have Facebook to view it. So here I am attaching the video clips here.
Capoeira Senzala Workshop by Professor Parabolica 4th and 5th February 2012

Capoeira Senzala Penang Malaysia Workshop Feb 2012 Part 1

Capoeira Senzala Penang Malaysia Workshop Feb 2012 Part 2

For more picture and photo join our Facebook Group. Capoeira Penang(Grupo Senzala)

Hope to see you awesome people again soon. Ciaoz.



Update on the Training Location in Penang Youth Park

Ola to fellow Capoeiristas, as you guys know we train at Penang Youth Park(Taman Perbandaran) every Sunday morning 9.30am at the Archery Area which is just beside the canteen.

From today(4 March 2012) onwards we will be training at the Open Air Theater area as shown in the Youth Park mini map below. Please take note that even though we will be training on the Open Air Theater area, but if there is some event going on at the Open Air Theater area we might still alternate the training spot to the Achery area. If you are unsure of the training location you could simply call us to confirm.

Training spot in Penang Youth Park. Contact CJ @ 016-4522118

The map below show you how to get to Penang Youth Park(Taman Perbandaran). The map is extracted from ExplorePenang.

Map to Penang Youth Park(Taman Perbandaran) by ExplorePenang