Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thursday Movie Night: A Capoeira Iluminada

We hear his name in several capoeira songs, we vaguely know he was the capoeirista who came up with the 8 basic sequencias, but how well do we know who Mestre Bimba is, and the significance of his contributions in the development of capoeira?

Capoeira as we know is an amalgamation of various art forms like music, dance and martial arts. Because capoeira isn't just about perfecting a particular movement or being able to do that insane au semao, learning as much as we can of the various aspects of capoeira, including its history is extremely important. Thus, our focus in capoeira and the jogo should not be limited to the martial arts aspect alone, but it should also be geared towards understanding the history, culture and the many other aspects that form the foundation of capoeira. After all, it is because of all these elements that we are attracted to this beautiful Afro-Brazilian art!

That is why next Thursday, we will be having a movie night to watch a short documentary film on Mestre Bimba!:

"Mestre Bimba: A Capoeira Iluminada"

"A Capoeira Iluminada" is a documentary film that details the life and experiences of Mestre Bimba in developing capoeira. You may view the trailers A Capoeira Iluminada - Trailer 1 and A Capoeira Iluminada - Trailer 2.

The details of the Movie Night are as follows:

Thursday (22nd Feb 2012)
Time: 8-10pm
Place: my house
(please refer to CJ or Grilo on how to get there! Or we can meet at 7.30pm at the Penang Hamid Khan school entrance at Greenlane)
What to Bring: Popcorn, drinks, any (healthy & yummy) snacks you like, and of course, good axe! (:

Please confirm with us your attendance by next Wednesday !
Mestre Bimba (Manuel dos Reis Machado) is known in the capoeira world as the father of Capoeira Regional. He was a visionary who helped revive and decriminalise capoeira in Brazil at a time when capoeira was prohibited. Thus, although some saw his efforts as a form of standardisation of what is a flexible art, Mestre Bimba's contributions have effectively and undeniably helped this art survive as well as flourish to this day. As Mestre Bimba himself said, “I didn’t do capoeira for myself, I did it for the world.”
Because Mestre Bimba was such an important figure in the growth of capoeira, I thought it would be good for us to watch this together and begin discussion on the important personalities in the history of capoeira and how capoeira as a fluid art is always changing. It would also be a good way for us to see how we as alunas/alunos in capoeira may contribute in the expansion of capoeira!

Let's watch this together and share our thoughts on this!

Axe e Abracos,
Ate logo (See you soon)!