Thursday, February 23, 2012

Professor Parabolica in France Capoeira Roda 2010

Professor Parabolica and Mestre Elias in France 2010
Ola to all Capoeiristas. Would like to share some of Professor Parabolica moves in Capoeira Senzala Roda when he was in France. In the Capoeira Roda clip below shows how Professor Parabolica comes into a Regional Roda, and emphasizing his capoeira moves as a Martial Arts instead of Floeiros alone.

Professor Parabolica anticipates the opponents move and banda him in the Roda, the banda move demonstrate a very good anticipation. or you may call "Jogo" in the takedown. 

Presence also are Mestre Elias, Mestre Gato, Mestre Torneiro, Contra-Mestre Banana, Contra Mestre Chiquinho, Professor Mark York and Many more top class capoeiristas from Grupo Senzala.

"Remember, Capoeira is always a Martial Arts"
                                                                                                                      -Professor Parabolica

Watch and learn the style of Capoeira Senzala. Remember always stay close with your instructor from your Grupo, open your eyes and ears to observe to learn about the true essence of the arts before you know anything.

Respect your Professor and Mestre, listen to their words and understand them. Capoeira is a community and a group sport. Put your efforts, and most importantly your passion to learn the amazing art of Capoeira.