Capoeira Senzala Penang Malaysia!

Starting from September 2012 we are training at a New studio!

Capoeira in Penang, MALAYSIA!

Check out Capoeira Senzala in Penang, Malaysia

Capoeira Workshop February 2012 by Professor Parabolica

The picture of Capoeira Workshop conducted by Professor Parabolica

Acrobatics in Capoeira

Some of the acrobatic moves in Capoeira

Kids Training Classes

Even kids can participate in Capoeira

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Capoeira na Muralha da China

"Capoeira na Muralha da China", means "Capoeira in The Great Wall of China" presented by Mestre Feijiao from Grupo Senzala.

Found these two interesting video clips from Senzala peers, perhaps Mestre Feijiao is attending some Capoeira event in China and decided to record some random Capoeira footage in The Great Wall.

Capoeira na China

Capoeira na Muralha da China


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Great Training on Sunday Morning

Alright guys, training is getting more and more intense for Capoeira Senzala Penang. Prepare yourself every Sunday and come to train hard with me.

Here's the photo taken this morning. Way to go guys!

p/s: Confuzo blocked by Grilo. Yes, thats him at the back.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Capoeira Senzala Penang Training at Elite Dynamix Studio!

Ola guys, last Sunday was our first Capoeira Senzala Penang Malaysia training at Elite Dynamix Studio. We are all delighted to train at the new place, with a big mirror and especially with the matt floor. The location is also very good for those from mainland, from both sides of the islands(Georgetown and Bayan Lepas areas).

With the new good training condition we shall train harder! Axe!

Monthly training fees:   RM40/month
Per session visit(For visitors) : RM15/session

For more info on the details regarding the training you may contact CJ(016-4522118)

Here are some of the photos taken by me, Kamikaze and Sharon from Elite Dynamix Studio:

Capoeira Senzala Penang at Elite Dynamix Studio 2012!

Capoeira Senzala Penang at Elite Dynamix Studio 2012 Posing Number 2

Posing happily

Training in progress 

Training in progress 2

Training in progress 3

Nanico performing an Au Sem Mao 

The punching bags at the studio
Let's continue the Axe next Sunday! See you all there!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Capoeira Senzala Penang Malaysia Moving to Elite Dynamix Studio!

Ola fellow Capoeiristas from Capoeira Senzala Penang Malaysia, finally I am proud to announce to you guys that we are moving to a new studio, Elite Dynamix Studio.

I know that the most of us are longing for a proper training location, now we have the answer for you guys! With proper matt floor and mirror, it is certainly a good place for all of us to train here.

This coming Sunday(26th August 2012) we will be having a free trial class for everybody. Do come and train with us on this coming Sunday, 9.30am-12pm at Elite Dynamix Studio. It's FREE!

Elite Dynamix Studio(No.3-2-12, Lorong Delima 20, Desa Mutiara, Off Jln Yap Chor Ee , 11700 Penang, Malaysia )

Elite Dynamix Studio(Illustrated Map)
If you are unsure of the information please do contact CJ(016-4522118) for the details of Capoeira Senzala Penang Malaysia.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grupo Senzala Toulouse: Graduado Tiziu

A very interesting Capoeira video clip which is crazily spread through out the internet recently, by none other than fellow Senzaleiro Graduado Tiziu from Grupo Senzala Toulouse.



Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya 2012

Selamat Hari Raya 2012
Capoeira Senzala Penang Malaysia want to wish every Malaysian Selamat Hari Raya 2012 and enjoy the holiday with your loves one, families and friends.

May you all have a good time to balik kampung and be together with your family and enjoy the precious moments together.

Wish you all Selamat Hari Raya and Salam Aidilfitri!


Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hello from Manila!

How is everyone doing and training back in Penang? It's taken me a while to finally write something up here, but here goes! Apologies for hijacking this blog ! heh. 

I am enjoying myself and am trying my best to dig deep into the lifestyle here, that sometimes I surprise myself. There are so many new and different experiences but it is also fun to see how similar the culture in Malaysia and the Philippines can be! There is much to elaborate on this in terms of language, weather (although it's much hotter here, and the typhoon rain is unpredictable sometimes!) and food. 

But what really makes this one month in Manila so far fulfilling and all the more sweeter is the fact that capoeira can be one of the ways with which people from different backgrounds come together. We all know this already in our own grupo, where we are all very diverse, e.g. lead different lifestyles (sleeping and eating habits included, *hint at Menn* lol). Likewise in Manila, capoeira has helped me meet a mixed group of people and it feels easy to connect with each other through a game of capoeira, through singing and even just tambay-ing  after class (tambay = lepak). 

We may have different ideas even about what some things may mean in capoeira, but the important thing is we have respect for each other to realize such differences in backgrounds, experiences and philosophies, while still holding on to our roots and guidance from our own teachers. There is so much that we can share and learn from each other in what we know and don't know. Plus, it's always illuminating and fun to exchange new ideas and approaches to particular things in capoeira (or even outside!) so that you never take things for granted or look at it the same way !

I've so far trained with two grupos here, and hope to train with one more soon! Up to this point, these trainings have already exposed me to the various ways in which capoeira can be practiced and expressed by different people, and that is such a beautiful thing to see and be involved in. 

I have also been doing more angola with the grupo here, Ecamar Philippines, supervised by Mestre Roxinho. They have been extremely hospitable and are some of the nicest and coolest people I've met here! So far I've learnt a lot in terms of grounded movements, music and traditions, which I feel are some of the important aspects that are often neglected in place of floreios in capoeira regional. That's why I am glad that there was a recent angola training back in Penang. I hope you guys got to see the beauty in capoeira angola and will have more classes such as these. When Kitty and I met up and talked, we agreed on how capoeira angola has a more primal, instinctive and human feel to it (well, we couldn't really describe how we felt about it, but we know we love it!). 

Mestre Pastinha, known as the father of Capoeira Angola, founded the first Angola grupo

In the meantime, simply immerse in capoeira and enjoy your steps (or gingas) into this magical roda/mundo de capoeira and remember to always always be hungry for capoeira knowledge and understanding. It's the only way to satisfy as well as build your passion. If ever you have any questions about capoeira, ask Professor Parabolica, or Cavalo (Cj) and me, we'll do our best to help! 

As Instrutor Soldado (Camara Capoeira Malaysia) and Professor Parabolica once said, don't forget your roots, but don't be afraid to go out, explore, absorb and share (not impose) your knowledge, love and passion with the rest of the capoeira world. Expand your roda. I know I am enjoying how big and rounder my roda is becoming here. :)

Train well, guys, and have a brilliant time doing it!

At the Pasig River in Manila, a major economic center in the past



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Capoeira Senzala Malaysia Sunday Training

It is been a while since we all do Capoeira Angola moves and training, so today introduce some of the Capoeira Angola moves training to you guys. :)

On the other hands, some of you might already know that Professor Parabolica will be coming back to Malaysia this September 2012 to join Instructor Soldado's Grupo Camara Batizado 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. The event falls on the last weekend of September which are the 29th and 30th(Saturday and Sunday) 2012.

Kindly let me know if any of you are interested in joining this great Capoeira event in Malaysia with Professor Parabolica and Instructor Soldado so we could plan the details to go for this event.

The following are the photos taken this morning:

Warming Up

Warming Up

Yet another warming up

The Pandeiro and the training 1

The Pandeiro and the training 2

Ginga and Meia Lua de Compasso training


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Professor Pitbull's Training Class May 2012 Part 2

Hi guys this is the some of the photos taken on the Sunday(20th May 2012) morning training session with Professor Pitbull and Kasia. Some of the photos here are not posted in the Capoeira Penang Facebook, so here there are :)

Once again Capoeira Penang would like to thank Professor Pitbull and Kasia for coming to Penang and gave us such a great training session. We will certainly welcome you guys anytime to come back and join us again.

These picture are taken exclusively by Eric Choong Seong Keat who is a professional photographer in Kuala Lumpur. If you like these photo and would like to have your event taken by him feel free to contact him through his Facebook, or call him at 016-220 4209.

Enjoy the photos.

To see more of these photos please click read more to see them all. There are total of 96 photos.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Playing the Caxixi


Ever wonder what other music sound you could make with the component percussion instrument from a Berimbau?

Here's one Brazilian percussionist explaning and playing with the Caxixi, be amazed with the magical percussion sound you could make with the Caxixi.

Playing with the Caxixi


A Good Baqueta for Berimbau

I'm sure if you guys read my previous post How to play berimbau in Capoeira you guys would have know what is a Berimbau and what are the parts of the Berimbau called.

This is a post to share about my personal experience in playing the Berimbau. I have a fairly small baqueta that comes with my berimbau, which I find it very tiring to play with the Berimbau for long time because I need to swing the baqueta so hard to hit the arame to create a strong beats. So I thought that with a longer or thicker baqueta would help in playing the Berimbau so I would not have to swing my wrist that much using my own strength, instead I just have to utilise the weight of the long baqueta and hit the arame.

As it turned out, my experience with the long baqueta is pretty good. However, it is probably more tiring for swinging the baqueta for long time of playing with the berimbau. At least with the trade off, the sound quality with the long baqueta is much better.

Special thanks to Rosinha for contributing her baqueta to me. The following is the picture of both my baqueta :)



Rosinha's Farewell Lunch at Penang Old Town

Hey guys, this is probably a little late but for sure there is a valid reason for posting this up(Asides for posting the photo taken for the farewell lunch).

For your information, Rosinha will be doing some student transfer programme to the Philippines for probably few months time. So we decided to do a farewell lunch with her to have a little Capoeira chit-chatting with her. Some of us were travelling overseas or outstation and couldn't make it to this farewell but most of us could still make it to the farewell lunch. Hope Rosinha enjoy the farewell lunch at Penang New World Park Oldtown.

Kamikaze, Destraido, Destraido's Wife, Cavalo, Confuzo, Liso(KY from Grupo Xango) and of course the main character herself Rosinha had lunch there.

So they say a picture paints a thousand words, the following are the photo taken by me on that day.

Liso and Rosinha (Capoeira Penang)

Rosinha and Confuzo (Capoeira Penang)

Everybody was busy with their foods xD (Capoeira Penang)

Destraido's Wife, Rosinha and Confuzo (Capoeira Penang)

Destraido, Rosinha and Destraido's Wife Posing (Capoeira Penang)

Rosinha and Confuzo Posing in New World Park Penang (Capoeira Penang)

Rosinha and Confuzo looking at the menu (Capoeira Penang)

Kamikaze checking out the Tagalog language book by Rosinha (Capoeira Penang)

Liso from Grupo Xango (Capoeira Penang)

Group Photo (Capoeira Penang)

Another Group Photo together (Capoeira Penang)
All the best to Rosinha having her fun time in Philippines. She is really lucky to be in Philippines so she can get to train with Professor Parabolica in Bacolod, Philippines.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Capoeira Songs: A Hora é Essa, Oi Sim Sim Sim, Dona Maria Como Vai Você


As promised, here are the lyrics to the 3 songs we've been focusing on recently in our extra trainings. For those who couldn't make it, this is the time to learn some of the regular songs we sing in the roda. The three songs are: "A Hora é Essa", "Oi Sim Sim Sim, Oi Não Não Não" and "Dona Maria Como Vai Você".

Music is an integral part of capoeira and it is one of the many elements that move and influence the axe (positive energy) and roda. It is understandable that sometimes it is difficult to catch some of the lyrics and rhythm of the songs. 

But the important thing is that you try, and sing to contribute to the spirit and energy of the roda as much as you can. With practise and effort (and this can happen in the car after school, or in the shower if your neighbours can't hear you!), you will be leading the singing in no time!

So here are the three songs with translations and videos to guide! Some of you have your 'homeworks' to learn the lyrics, so no excuses in the next roda, right? ;) Please note Men, Alvin, Palito, Confuso and Destraido. And don't forget to have fun!

A Hora é Essa
 Letras (Lyrics):
A hora é essa, a hora é essa (The time is now, the time is now)
Coro: A hora é essa, a hora é essa (The time is now, the time is now)
Berimbau tocou na capoeira (The berimbau plays in capoeira)
Berimbau tocou eu vou Jogar (Berimbau plays, I play)
Coro:  Berimbau tocou na capoeira (The berimbau plays in capoeira)
Berimbau tocou eu vou Jogar (Berimbau plays, I play)

Oi Sim Sim Sim, Oi Não Não Não
 Letras (Lyrics):
Oi sim sim sim, Oi não não não (Oh yes yes yes, Oh no no no)
Coro: Oi sim sim sim, Oi não não não 

Oi não não não, Oi sim sim sim (Oh no no no, Oh yes yes yes)

Mas hoje tem amanhã não, Mas hoje tem amanhã não (What you have today may be gone tomorrow)

 Mas hoje tem amanhã não, Olha pisada de Lampião (But today is not tomorrow, look at the footprints of Lampião)

Dona Maria Como Vai Voce 
 Letras (Lyrics):
Vai você, Vai você
Coro: Dona Maria, como vai você  (Lady Maria, how are you?)

Como vai você, como vai você (How are you, how are you?)

Joga bonito que eu quero ver (Play beautiful because I like to watch)

Joga com calma que eu quero aprender (Play carefully because I like to learn)

Esse jogo é Capoeira, não é karate (This game is Capoeira, not karate)


Don't stop the Axe!

Hey camaras,

We're really happy to see everyone train hard and thirsting to learn all things capoeira everyday - from the movements to the acrobatics, kicks, history, dances, and of course, the music and singing. As we say, 'training' happens through the various ways you put your soul into this beautiful art, even if it means watching a capoeira roda in a youtube video! Train smart and love what you do!

I'd like to share here 2 videos for this week to motivate you in your game! Comment here what you think of the two videos!

This one is from a grupo in Germany, and I first saw it when I first started capoeira. The music is energetic and it's a fun introduction to the various movements of capoeira. The first part of the video is an angola-style of capoeira, which is thought to be the more traditional form of capoeira, while the video progresses to regional-style of games and fast acrobatic kicks. Enjoy!

And here's a video of our mestre, Mestre Elias (Grupo Senzala), as he sings, "O vaqueiro de verdade" (The real cowboy):

The letras (lyrics):

O vaqueiro de verdade
O vaqueiro de verdade
Não teme a morte e a fome
Na foge de emboscada
E não treme diante de homem
O vaqueiro de verdade
Não larga o seu laço de mão
Ele não se abaranha em espinho
A mulher ele não nega carinho
Ao bom Deus ele não nega oração

Oi ponha lá vaqueiro
Ponha jaleco de couro
ponha lá vaqueiro
Oi na porteira do curral
ponha lá vaqueiro
Oi ponha jaleco de couro
Na porteira do curral
ponha lá vaqueiro

The Real Cowboy
Does not fear death and hunger
He escapes ambush
And do not tremble before man
The Real Cowboy
Does not tie his large hand
He was not abaranha in thorn
The woman he does not deny love
The good Lord he does not deny prayer

Put there cowboy
Put the leather jacket
At the gate of the corral 
Put there cowboy

Hope you like the videos and songs. (:

Keep the energy going and don't stop the ginga, Senzaleiros! See you next training!



Monday, May 21, 2012

Professor Pitbull's Training Class May 2012

Hi everyone,

Thank you for coming for last weekend's classes with Professor Pitbull!

It was great to have everyone participate and contribute all the positive energy (axe)! I am sure everyone had fun and learnt a lot from the two classes about maculele, songs, different types of roda, berimbau toques and more! Nice to see everyone playing in the roda a lot.

Thank you especially to Professor Pitbull and Kasia for coming to teach and guide us again. It means a lot to the grupo here that you have both made time to come down from Singapore to share with us what you know about capoeira. We can't wait to have you both back here with us again ! (:

Below are some photos taken during the Saturday class. We will post more photos soon once we have compiled from everyone!

Have a great week and see you this weekend! Let's continue to train and expand our knowledge and passion in capoeira together!

Axe sempre sempre!

Warming up to maculele. Some members of the public danced along too!

Professor Pitbull talking about the grupo, roda and music

Some of the guys

Listening intently to Professor Pitbull

Kasia flashing her gorgeous smile, ready to start the roda

The roda fun begins!

Teaching a kid the beats of the atabaque

Palhaco taking a breather

Another roda

And more roda fun

Mariposa giving a fast meia lua de compasso as Acrobata dodges